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Authentically Delicious

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Finalists in the 2018 Inspire+ NZ Artisan Awards

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Kalon Digor


Kalon Digor

Kalon Digor is born from a dream of Luc Jorieux, a Breton who has a passion: bringing to you authentic and delicious recipes. 

"Cooking and baking have always been at the forefront of my thoughts and passion. Creating Kalon Digor is a way for me to share with you my passion for authentic recipes. I am transmitting traditions from Brittany for you to enjoy with your friends and family".

Enjoy, Kalon Digor!



Kalon Digor products are made from authentic and traditional recipes.

Our products are made from locally sourced ingredients. We believe that food needs to be tasty and delicious. Each ingredient is carefully selected and does not contain colouring agents or preservatives. 

Purity, simplicity and respect of the raw ingredients ensure that our products have time to develop for maximum flavour. Our hands do the rest.

A world of Desserts

Authentically Delicious

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